Moon Meditation Music for Positive Energy |10 Minute Music for Meditation and Relaxation (M006)

10 minute meditation music, that reflects the power of the moon. Moon Meditation Music for positive energy: Attune in meditation through a short nature ambience in the beginning. Then feel the power of the moon, which is omnipresent on earth and on life. Powerful instrumental meditation music with taiko drums, Indian bansuri flute, African kora and much more instruments. Copyright Music: Moon Meditation © Robert Schneider (Composer of Balance Music)Many thanks for the wonderful videos to the videographers: Iconikmg / Vimeo-Free-VideosYou can use this 10 minute meditation music for positive energy, as a short music for meditation, meditation music for stress relief and inner peace as well as relaxing music, music for relaxation. #meditationmusic#positiveenergy#meditation#relaxingmusic#musicformeditationWe are Robert & Sabine, musicians and composers from Germany. We like to show you at Balance Music the beauty of music and nature. Our wish is creating a place where you can relax and feel inspired. Enjoy our channel – we’re looking forward to your comments. Support us by subscribing to the channel – many thanks and have a wonderful day!

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  • 🎵🎶 Ja, ich geniesse es auch ...

    Mond ial , genial 🤗

    Im Deutschen ist er männlich ,

    im Französischen weiblich ....

    La lune , ich verwandle es ins

    Sächliche ... das Mondlicht 🤣

    🌟 Licht zu Licht 🌟

    🌜 Danke Euch 🌛

  • Wundervoll Dein neues Video lieber Robert. Es stärkt mit der Trommel mein Wurzelchakra, genau das, was mir zurzeit gut tut! 😊👍