Journey of the Heart | Spiritual Story in Music & Pictures | Birth of Universe to the Present (M005)

Experience a fascinating journey throught the time with impressive sounds, music and inspiring pictures that inspire your imagination. The „Journey of the Heart“ tells the story of the origin of the universe and the earth, about the development of nature and life to the present time of industrialization and technic. This video is a artistically spiritual view of evolution.Copyright „Journey of the Heart “ - Production of © Balance Music Do you want to listen more of Balance Music? We would be happy to welcome you as a subscriber of our channel:…gB2eose8axXHsRw#spiritual #universe#earth #spiritualstory#spiritualstories #buddha#buddhaspiritWe are Robert & Sabine, musicians and composers from Germany. We like to show you at Balance Music the beauty of music and nature. Our wish is creating a place where you can relax and feel inspired. Enjoy our channel – we’re looking forward to your comments. Support us by subscribing to the channel – many thanks and have a wonderful day!

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  • 💕 Ich gratuliere Euch , bin

    hin und weg .

    Mir fehlen die Worte , bin

    fasziniert , werde es noch im

    Fernseh gucken und hören ..

    ❤ Mit dem Herzen ❤

    Natur und Technik im Einklang .

    Alles darf sein , wie es ist .

    Grandios .

    🎁 Danke für dieses Geschenk 🎁

    Bin tief berührt .

    Knuddel 🙋‍♀️

    Was für ein Tag in Freude ⚓